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Travelling Thailand post COVID 19

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The world might not be finished with the Coronavirus pandemic just yet, but we are starting to see countries across the globe trial tourism initiatives in an effort to get back to normality. This week we were particularly pleased to hear the news of Thailand reopening its borders to both vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists.

In a recent statement from the Thailand Centre for COVID 19 situation administration, new entry rules were announced for foreign travellers looking to enter the Kingdom. Essentially as of June 1st 2022, tourists will be able to enter the country with a great deal more ease than we have seen during the pandemic.

So, is Thailand open for tourists?

The short answer to this question is yes! However, as with all post-pandemic travel there are some things you need to know and consider before you jump on the next flight out. According to the recent announcement on the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s website, both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers will still need to meet certain criteria before they travel to, and enter the country.

Here at First Phangan we want everyone to be safe and aware of the latest information regarding Thailand COVID restrictions before travelling to the country. As the specific travel criteria are subject to change at any time, we recommend that potential travellers visit the official Thailand tourism site and make sure they have the most up-to-date travel information before planning a trip.

The current situation and COVID 19 restrictions in Thailand

Thankfully, the government of Thailand and its diligent citizens have been extremely effective in both containing and treating the COVID 19 virus. Thailand was fast to implement nationwide COVID 19 restrictions in the early days of the pandemic including social distancing, heightened hygiene standards and mandatory face mask wearing, which helped to lessen the impact of the deadly disease significantly.

As of May 2022, when this blog was written, the country is in the middle of enacting a

successful vaccination program for its nearly 70 million residents. With almost 75% of the

kingdom’s citizens being fully vaccinated and a further 40% receiving a booster shot,

tourists can feel reassured that the country is doing its utmost to prevent further infection.

In terms of COVID 19 restrictions in the country there are still a few curfews in place for bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as mandatory mask wearing still being in effect in certain areas. However, as we mentioned previously, in an effort to boost the economy and welcome tourism back in a safe manner, Thailand COVID restrictions are currently being eased across the country and there is an expectation for most of these restrictions to be lifted completely in the near future.

What can I expect when travelling to Thailand this year?

Thailand’s economy relies heavily on international tourism and at almost 12% of the nation’s GDP, the loss of tourism income during the pandemic has been felt across all areas of the country and society. Thankfully, Thailand and its people are well known for their resilience and adaptability and this has shown throughout the last 2 years in their response to the COVID-19 situation.

In an effort to reassure and encourage those interested in post-pandemic travel to the country we would like to guide you through our top reasons why now is the right time to visit the awe-inspiring Kingdom of Thailand -

Beautiful destinations without the crowds

Though we all love to travel it’s often so much better without the hassle of big crowds. Spending hours waiting to get the perfect photo or just feeling like a part of the herd has often made modern travelling less enjoyable than it should. With many people still hesitant to travel abroad, now is the time to visit Thailand and truly connect with the country and its people before the inevitable tourism boom.

Hospitality at its fines

Thailand has always been famed for its remarkable hospitality and Thai nationals are incredibly excited about the prospect of Thailand reopening its borders again. Across the country businesses have been undergoing renovations and improvements to ensure they live up to the expectations of tourists when they begin to arrive once more.

Out with the old and in with the new

All over Thailand we have seen the government and its society use the pandemic as an opportunity to restart and refresh themselves. Across the country major work is being done on vital infrastructure and even though some businesses have closed, new and exciting options have opened in their place.

Great value for money

Thailand has always been incredibly popular with tourists from around the world looking to get the most bang from their buck and thankfully that hasn’t changed. Prices have remained constant in the country and with competition fierce for the returning tourist’s cash it’s bound to result in some fantastic food and accommodation deals for the consumer.

New investment opportunities

Thailand represents so much more than just a place to come and recharge your batteries after the pandemic. There are also plenty of lucrative and exciting properties and business opportunities for those looking to invest in the future of the country’s tourism economy.

Make Thailand your first post-pandemic travel destination

We hope this article has helped to reassure you that now is the time to visit the gorgeous country of Thailand; its breath-taking scenery, diverse nature and the nations people are waiting for you.

If you do make it here be sure to come and pay us a visit at First Phangan on the country’s most iconic island of Koh Phangan, situated in the crystal-clear Gulf of Thailand. At First Phangan we offer everything from holiday tours to new business consultation and our team has your time on the island covered, no matter the purpose of your visit. For more information about the incredible services we offer, get in touch today and we will help to make your post COVID-19 holiday one you will never forget!

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